How to Spot Fake Pandora

Ever wonder? “Is my Pandora bracelet fake”? Or are you worried about fake Pandora bracelet charms? These steps will help spot the fake Pandora jewelry…

First off, almost all Pandora jewelry are now engraved with the letters ‘ALE’. Though, if you purchased jewelry a couple years ago, it may not have the intitials due to the fact that they didn't start engraving the "ALE" until a few years back.

Secondly, silver pieces are engraved with silver's jewelry symbol, 925, and 14ct gold items are engraved with 14 ct gold's jewelry symbol, 585.

Third, most Pandora items, such as Pandora bracelets now include the Pandora crown symbol engraved on them (Notice: Items purchased prior to 2008 will not include the crown engraving as Pandora only started using the crown until 2008).

Fourth, authentic Pandora charms will have the engraving "925ss ALE" somewhere on it. However, authentic Pandora bracelets will not have the "ss" in the engraving, it will read "925 ALE".

Fifth, the quality and craftsmanship for these Pandora beads is truly far finer quality than those "fakes". You are going to see that numerous "fakes" are similar to Pandora and offer glass beads that are hand-painted only on the “outside”. The thing is, Pandora Murano Glass creations are designed within the inside of the bead therefore the pattern flows throughout the actual glass design, not just the outside.

And finally, the last method to identifying authentic Pandora bracelets is that the clasp of the bracelet will never be magnetic.

Take these careful steps to identifying those “fake” Pandora frauds out there!

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